senior thesis 10/21

1) Meeting up with my mentor Mike Patterson made me realize that there is a lot I need to fix in my film, mainly needing to watch my animatic in a 3D space. I intend to do three things: 1) Build a virtual set in Maya and animate a camera moving through the space, along with a couple renders of still cameras, 2) Import that set into Unity and adding a “first-person-shooter” asset so I can move through the space as I would a computer game with my arrow keys 3) Building a physical set out of foam core (If needed). I really need to focus on how this film would play in a 3D space and how each moment is meant to not only be telling a story but to also be a composition of videos, where all the images have to work together to create an experience. Timing is going to change a lot in my film as well– everything is going to be a lot slower so the viewer would be able to see and experience the film at their own pace, which means, guiding the viewer but not making them turn left and right to catch what is going on. 

2) I talked to my composer and he is working hard to create the right sound for my film. I gave him these links to experimental composer Ben Frost, minimalist composer Steve Reich, and The Age of Adz album from Sufjan Stevens. I want the music to be electronic with classical instruments, rhythmic and minimal but definitely layered to be interesting to listen to in surround sound. I have been working on the animation and continuing to make progress with the film. I am behind schedule but I believe now is a very important time to see what my installation needs still. 

Ricerca- Gingko Tree scene

there is not just one right way

It’s easy to fall into the mindset that things SHOULD be done a certain way when in reality there are a ton of ways to do things. I keep having to remind myself that there is not just one right way. The last thing I want to be is bogged down by past experiences and not open to new ideas. Every situation is different and calls for a different plan of action, and everyone has a different set of values. 

Animatic for my thesis film Ricerca

More stills from my thesis film Ricerca. 

senior thesis 9/30

1) This week I am daunted by the fact that I have so much animation to do, and how much time each frame takes to draw to really get the quality of drawing I want. It’s going to be tough, and I may look into some 2d animators that would be able to do inbetweens or something. 

2) I’ve kept animating and hashed out some storyboards for the chase scene. I need to be very pragmatic about which scenes I use. Sheila suggested that I start on the most important scenes first, so as if I run out of time at least I’ll have the meat of the film there, just not the little nuances. This is very difficult to do, being able to let go of some scenes. I’m going to be better about animating and see what I am capable of, then hopefully be able to gauge what I can complete. 

9/23 senior thesis

1) This week I played with my animatic, staggering some of the different elements so the story would communicate better. This was difficult, but I think the film is going in the right direction. Now the man doesn’t seem like the main character but the girl seems equally the main character. I really need to just keep animating and hashing out the visuals because I think my film really evolves through the animation. However, I need to keep reminding myself that I can’t be spending too much time readjusting things in the animation process, but that I need to just get through the frames as quick as possible so I can keep moving forward and following my schedule. 

2) I figured out how to do two scenes in my film that I have been struggling with. The hallway scene would have floating furniture and mementos in the air, and the man would push past them in his search. Then when he finds the picture frame, he’ll reach out and rip blank space off the screen like a piece of fabric and find the woman. 

I talked to Varqa and he really gave me a great perspective on my film, and he will be working as early as possible in making the music for me. His input made me want to put a visual music-esque section in my film when the girl is growing up and the man is traveling through the city. Shapes would jump and flow to the music and color would slowly trickle into the film. Things would become more and more abstract until they meet for the first time. 

I got a producer for my project who is willing to help me crowd-fund this project next semester. We’ll probably make an Indiegogo video, and by then I can cut together a nice trailer for the film. 

As for the gallery, it seems I need to negotiate for the space. I talked to Lisa and she said it was up to everyone else using the space, which means I have to contact those people. I talked to Operations and they said they would “never” allow a single student to use the gallery. I hope we can work around that somehow. I do know that i need at least a week in the gallery to set up, test, and display for three days. I’m going to shoot for two weeks and then haggle down. Wish me luck! 

Senior Thesis film Ricerca (2015)- film stills

Started animation this summer! A couple film stills. Most of this film is going to be black and white like this.

Senior Thesis Project- Ricerca (tentative name) 

Quick color keys for the transformation scene. Right now these are pretty romantic scenes, I would want their relationship to be more varied. But these color keys essentially capture the lighting I want, it is going to be a soft and gentle moment, like that of happy memories. 

senior thesis 9/16

1. This week was challenging in that I’ve been struggling with the storyline of my film. I want to add a few shots here and there that would break up this linear storytelling. The shots would just come in on a screen and then disappear and tell more about the reincarnation theme I want to depict.

2. I figured out how the two people meet. The man would be pushing past all these floating everyday items like clocks, chairs, plates as he approaches the girl. He will then happen upon the picture frame and then see the girl. 

I also figured out who exactly my composers are. I pitched to the SMPTV grad students and I met Varqa who is an amazing classical composer. The other composer doing the electronic stuff is Chris Edwards. I still need to look for a sound designer. 

I did five different color keys for the moment when the world burst into color. I would stick with these for lighting but the setting for some of these scenarios I want to change. 

I also re-started animating. It’s a lot of fun!