senior thesis 9/1

1.       The past week I’ve been pushing to make the story stronger, using more powerful images and really figuring out how I would time each scene. I had the hard realization that there needs to be some major changes in the story to convey what I really want to say. It’s been hard trying to find a middle ground between preserving my own voice and making something entertaining and understandable to watch. 
2.      I’ve pitched my project to several people throughout the week, getting feedback from all of them. So far so good, people like the idea. I am working on a poetic narration with my writer friend Katie Hogan and hopefully coming up with something that would supplement the film. I have composers that I’ve already been sampling and have tightened up my animatic. I’ve also come up for a name for my film. I think I’m going to call it The Seed. 

Taking A Bath

Video documentation

A part of a three artist exhibition in the Lindhurst Gallery at the Roski School of Fine Art. Made possible by the USC School of Cinematic Arts DADA department and the individuals thanked at the end of this video.

Artist Statement from the show: Yo-Yo Lin, artist and animator, brings the intimate space of the bath into a public context, making viewers confront their desires to see but stay unseen, confusing the line between curiosity and voyeurism. Taking A Bath features an elderly man in the tub presenting several dualities: transforming yet static, relaxed yet alarmed, old yet young, warm and yet cold. As an artist, Yo-Yo seeks to tap into the unseen of everyday life, capturing the fleeting moments of “waking up” in mundane tasks in whimsical hand-drawn animation.

Taking a Bath installation 

Taking A Bath sketches

Thank you Andrew and Herb.

(Unmade) Bedsheets

The first video project made during my semester abroad in Florence, Italy to explore the theme of time. Bedsheet drawings were made over a 40 day period alongside a meticulous log accounting for different variables, including “mindset upon sleeping,” “upon waking up,” and “dreams.” Photographs were taken over the course of a day, every hour. This project was made during a time of uncertainty and served as a means to make sense of a new life in a new country, in the closed familiar space of the bed.

Unstable Territories- Faces

Final project for my multimedia class in Italy featuring my peers. 

Over the course of my study abroad experience in Florence, Italy I often came face to face with the reality that I had no idea who I really was, and being that there was so much to see around me everyday I often found myself projecting my identity into scenery and fond objects. It’s when I felt the most lost that I found myself.


Nutella Jar- modeled, textured, lit, rendered

Italia/Nov 2013

Special thanks to instructor Matt Steidl! Amazing man. 


First 3D model and texture 

I thought it would be easy. It wasn’t. But Nutella is great, Nutella understands.

Shop Window- final render backgrounds

Texturing and lighting and rendering these scenes was insane. Many textures were drawn from photos I took around Florence, the window and light heavily inspired by the windows seen in around the town.

3D bike model in Maya for WIndow Shopping