Nutella Jar- modeled, textured, lit, rendered

Italia/Nov 2013

Special thanks to instructor Matt Steidl! Amazing man. 


First 3D model and texture 

I thought it would be easy. It wasn’t. But Nutella is great, Nutella understands.

Shop Window- final render backgrounds

Texturing and lighting and rendering these scenes was insane. Many textures were drawn from photos I took around Florence, the window and light heavily inspired by the windows seen in around the town.

3D bike model in Maya for WIndow Shopping

Window Shopping animatic

Animation final sketches- Window Shopping


Growing up in Los Angeles, it’s easy to be a little cynical, a tad showy, and a bit vicious. The city reinvents itself every two days, they say, but I’ve long stopped keeping track. Instead, I only notice the movement. This piece draws upon the Buddhist belief of sasāra, or “continuous movement,” in which one inhabits different psychological or physical realms during one’s cycle of existence.

Animated installation at the Pacific Northwest College of Art in Portland, Oregon with Boundary Crossings 2013. Wheatpaste on glass, ink hand-drawn animation. Video would be coming soon!

For photos of the art show and my classmate’s pieces CLICK HERE

Two quick painting studies with photoshop

Swimming In a Flood
9” x 14” 

Inspired by the monolithic 110 freeway and terrible LA traffic on hot summer days, sometimes I wonder what it would be like if the ocean flooded everything and you could just swim through highway underpasses and over cars. That would be so dopeee. 

Also inspired by that Passion Pit song and work by Vincent Perriot

My animation reel! A collection of noteable works I did the past 8 months.